Thursday, 18 April 2013

Inspired by TV

I watch quite a lot of TV. I know I probably should cut down. Then again, there are probably other bad habits I should attend to ahead of that. Aside from my Masterchef and Prison Break addiction, recently I have been caught up by The Great British Sewing Bee. Didn't think I'd like that one, I must admit, even though it is a programme about one of my main passions. But I'm hooked and it has inspired me to stick my toe into dressmaking.
I did have a go last year at making a dress. I'm impatient though. I like things done in an evening and clothes invariably take a lot longer than that. So I've taken my foot off the gas pedal a bit and had another go with a pinafore pattern that was in this months Making magazine.
I must admit that I had to shape it a bit around the waist, as initially it looked like a shapeless sack and was far from flattering, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with it.

But it was also time for a new bag. Because you can never have too many bags. I love the satchels that I make, but I also know that the buckles would drive me crazy after a while. A very short while. So time for another slight adjustment to the original.

Looks like a normal satchel with buckles. And Kung Fu girls. Don't forget the Kung Fu Girls. But it fastens with magnetic snaps:


Then I thought I'd make a draw string bag I seen in a book I've had on my shelf for a while and inspired by 'Sewing Bee' style fabric, of sewing machines and sewing patterns. Loved the fabric, loved the look of the bag but once I'd made it I found it just gaped open which isn't ideal for a handbag, too much of an open invitation. I suspected it might do that as the draw string was only on the front side.

So I put a matching draw string around the back too, which has altered the shape of the bag, but has made it usable.
All three things are from existing patterns, but every ones tastes and requirements are different, so never be afraid to make changes.

And finally to the total custom fit. The corset. This is something I've been taking my time with (about six months) because I have found it a little daunting. However, now, it's pretty much finished bar a few embellishments, and today I laced and tried it on. And it fitted!! Chuffed is not the word. I am particularly happy with the end result. Its the simplest way to make a corset and quite probably corset makers would shudder at my technique, but I'm the one who's wearing it.

Quite literally.
And on that note, I'll be off. Got flutes to fettle and soprano saxophones to fix.

Take care. xx