Sunday, 19 May 2013

Getting My Mojo Back

I've been suffering from creative block recently. With plenty of other distractions around and a lack of craft fairs or farmers markets booked, I kind of slipped into a 'can I be bothered?' space. I guess it happens to everyone, writers get writers block. I know I've sat there on an evening, my pad on my lap, pen poised and nothing comes; but I haven't had the same situation with my sewing machine. I have plenty of new books, new projects I quite fancy doing, a board on Pinterest of things I'd like to make. But could I be bothered to get into my workspace and get on with something? No. The most I'd managed to muster recently was a couple of library bag books for the girls. And that was mainly out of necessity borne from a fear of losing the large quantities of books they now bring home.

But all good things come to those who wait. In the end it just took one bag to kick start things. I saw a photo tutorial on Pinterest and it dug in there, to the point where I had to make it. I'd forgotten how much I like looking for material and accessories, and I had the added challenge of drawing up the pattern from scratch too. I was up until midnight sewing the handles on, determined to finish it, but it was SO worth it.
Probably one of my favourite bag designs, it has oodles of storage without being huge, having pleated pockets on either side and a zippered compartment in the centre.
The girls did a ballet performance today and alongside the usual clutter I tote around (general handbag bits and bobs) I fitted two pairs of ballet shoes, two pairs of shorts, sun cream (hopeful!) and a camera. Got a bottle of wine in it yesterday, (an essential test given the poor quality of bags supplied by our local shop). I think the fittings -the handles and twist lock give it a great finish and I took the time to sew on my bias tape properly, something I rarely do.

And of course, a new handbag deserves a new purse too.

(For some reason all of my photos are squished today. Apologies.)
Well I was putting an order into U-handbag (who's service is great) and the pattern for this purse was in the latest issue of Mollie Makes, so I thought, why not?

So I'm back on the horse, so to speak. The creative one that is. Never did get a long with real ones, but that's another story. So sometimes, maybe having a break from things refreshes you, gives you a new perspective.