Tuesday, 24 September 2013

End of Summer

So, we're desperately trying to hang onto the remaining dregs of summer. Mr B has just returned home with a bag of blackberries which I suspect may well be the last for the year, the girls still insist on wearing their summer dresses even though it really is getting too cold for them now. And, to be fair, the weather is helping. It is still pretty fine out there. I can still dry my washing for free. (Easily pleased, me!) The girls were able to paddle in the sea just a week or so ago.

But it's creeping up on us again. (the c word). Festive things are starting to appear in the shops. Pinterest is liberally littered with Christmas crafts and I am wondering whether to try and book a craft fair or two around that time. I have loads of lovingly crafted stuff due to A, continuing to make things, and B, not doing any craft fairs. Its going to build up. The thing is, I visited a local craft fair at the weekend and it was just, well, a bit dull. Maybe its where I live, I don't know. The magazines like to sell us the idea that the craft and homemade scene is vibrant and youthful. Around here it tends to be ladies of a certain age and knitting. My village has a craft group. See previous sentence. So, as yet I am undecided as to where to find customers for my bags. The search continues.
Anyway. It has been another quiet month, I must admit, due to a lack of funds (MOT, car money pit etc) and that the girls stay up later than they used to. But I have had a commission which I finished last week.
Its a large camera bag in camouflage waterproof fabric with a whole load of adjustable inserts.
And lots of pockets.
This was a bit of a different project for me because it took so many hours of sewing. I usually like projects that take an evening, two at the most. This was a whole week. But well worth it. So if any of you are photographers or know someone who is, who might be in wanting of a unique camera bag for Christmas, drop me a line!