Sunday, 25 August 2013

T-Shirt Cutting

I wrote in my last blog post about more economical way to make clothes. Admittedly, this was a little while ago now! The summer holidays have been great but with two small people wandering around much later than usual, it hasn't left much crafting time. So, what Caroline made has been not much recently. 
Anyway, I digress. Clothes. The next best, not to mention cheapest way to renew your wardrobe is to revamp what's already there. Whether its cutting old jeans down into shorts, or making skirts out of them, or using an old T-shirt to patch a pair of girls leggings; very few items of clothing now make it out of the door unless they are well and truly past it. 
So I needed a few new sports tops. Most of mine have, over the years, shrunk in the wash, and given my post baby stomach will never see the light of day again, I was in desperate need of new ones. I'd spotted t-shirt weaving on the Internet a while back and it looked really easy.T-shirt, scissors. Job done. Not even any sewing involved. So I nipped down to a charity shops and bagged myself some t-shirts for £1 each. At prices like that, does it really matter if it goes wrong?
So, take 1. 

I cut off the sleeves, cut around the neck line and did a bit of weaving to make the detail in the front. I won't go into how to weave as there are some fab videos on you tube which tell you all you need to know. I then cut about 15cm up the side seam and tied a knot to give this size 18 top a bit of shape. 

Number 2
This one I turned into a halter neck top. 

The instructions for this one, once again can be found on you tube, it's the Zumba top. 

As it ties as the back it fits itself! Once again, no sewing required. 

Number 3


This one was made from a mans T-shirts and has already successfully survived one Zumba class. Once again I cut the neck off, I cut holes in the sleeves, tied up the sides-

And did some weaving detail on the back. 

So three new tops, about three quid spent. And hacking holes in t-shirts is pretty good fun, not to mention highly addictive! Have a go!