Tuesday, 25 March 2014

100 happydays

So I'm just going to sneak in under the radar and ignore the fact that I haven't posted in, like, two months. Ahem..
It seems that the best way for me to stick to things is to take on a challenge. As with the blog challenge to post every day in November, for the last 20 days, I have been taking on #100HappyDays. The idea behind it is to take a photo every day of what makes you happy, not, as it may sound, to be happy for 100 days, which is not going to happen is it? I'm realistic about these things after all.
What I have found is that its the simple things that are making the grade, when my bread turns out looking amazing and not the weight of a house brick; when I get half an hour to sit and read my favorite magazine; a sunny afternoon at the playground-obviously with the children (fun as the swings are). Even in the darkest of days, there's that chink of sunshine. So would you take on the challenge?