Monday, 19 May 2014

Best thing about being an adult

1. Drinking as much coffee as I want. If I cant sleep its my problem.
2. Midnight snacks. I buy the food, I'll eat it when I choose.
3. Being able to paint my house whatever colour I want. Mr B detests painting, so as long as I do it, he doesnt care.
4. Going to bed at a stupidly late hour. So what if I've got to be up for the school run in five hours? I can do that, because I can take..
5. Naps.
6. Less drama, less gossip. That's right, I don't talk to anyone on the playground.
7. Having a house. A house! Crazy.
8. Knowing sunny days will dry your washing for free.
9. Meeting friends for coffee and feeling dead sophisticated.
10. Wine.

That's is all.

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