Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Passion Projects

Today's suggested topic is Passion Projects, what you would love to do and earn money from. I can always remember my dad telling me that your working life is a long one so pick something you love- or words to that effect. 
I must admit that having a degree in music is perhaps not the most useful of things. The job pool is pretty limited but as I think I've blogged about before, I have been fortunate enough to fall lucky in some ways because I do love repairing. I live the fact that no two jobs are the same, that you're always being pushed, always learning something new. 
Something like this turns up at my door and its a dream, there is nothing like a full on restoration project, turning something that's effectively junk and making it play again, giving it its reason back. 
Having said that, I obviously love making things too, a quiet afternoon with my sewing machine is my idea of heaven. 
And then I found this picture on Pinterest (yes I am addicted) and I'm starting to wonder if I can combine the two!

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