Saturday, 17 May 2014

Day in photos

I'm a day behind with this one. I sat here last night, checked out yesterday's topic, finding it was 'your day in photos'. And at half seven in the evening there was not much I could about that. But I'm pretty sure today was slightly more interesting. 
This is the nice version of the day. I spared you the bickering and grumpy moments!
So, with the girls packed off to gymnastics for a couple of hours- Mr B's turn to take them, I got stuck straight into a bit of Zumba, followed by a spot of yoga and a short meditation. Great start to the day. 
A nice coffee outside enjoying the sunshine before the girls returned and the peace was shattered. 
Nothing like a new playdough kit to keep them entertained!
A lovingly thrown together picnic was pretty much abandoned in favour of the playground. 
A walk up to the stunning Blickling Hall for ice creams and a peruse of the second hand bookshop. 
Returned from Aylsham library heavily laden with books. 
 Pork stroganoff and fried gnocchi for tea. 
FA cup final. Can't believe he got away with watching this. I usually only get to see the first lap of a Grand Prix and the girls are wanting their programs back on!
Early evening walk to feed the ducks. 
So that's it pretty much. 
Catch you tomorrow. Probably;-)

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