Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Favourite Decade

The 90's!
Without question. 
I entered the nineties aged 13, so it was the decade I grew up, probably the most influential time of anyone's life. I know I had tough times- what teen doesn't? But the stand out memories are great. 
It was the decade I fell in love for the first time, had my heart broken too. It was the decade of coloured vinyl, cassette tapes and recording your favourite songs off the Top 40 on a Sunday night. 
It was the decade I went to my first gig- The Almighty at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, obsessed over Skidrow
Mm. It was all about the music, the clubbing, the festivals. Having the best of times with your closest friends. I think I saw Dodgy about ten times
The Offspring about eight
I moved to Leeds
Never went anywhere without my Walkman
So true..
It was the decade I got my first job at Scheerers music shop in Leeds, the decade before mobile phones, when you had to wait for your mates to phone you. When organising a night out took, like, forever, and a large quantity of calls to lots of people. 
And when, in this decade, I got my first mobile, this is what I played on it!

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