Monday, 5 May 2014

Ten track shuffle

I'm going to break away from the set topics today as I really didn't have much to say about it. So I delved into Pinterest for inspiration and found something different. Today I hit shuffle on my iPod, and here are the first ten songs. This is the randomness that is my taste in music. 

1. Alice in Chains -Stone. Loved Alice in Chains in my teens, so glad they came back and this song was everything I expected and more. 

2. Professor Elemental -Everything Stops For Tea. Genius bit of chap hop, smile inducing silliness. And my girls love him too. 

3.  Arctic Monkeys -Mad Sounds. Such clever songwriting, and a taste of the north which reminds me of good times.

4. Tchaikovsky -Manfred Symphony 4th mv. Powerful stuff this. I wrote my dissertation on Tchaikovsky and no matter how many times I listen to his music it still makes my skin goose bump. 

5. Buckcherry -Crazy Bitch. From one extreme to the other. This is nasty, sleazy metal with a rubbishy guitar solo in the middle, but for what ever inexplicable reason, it works for me. 

6. Abney Park -The End Of Days. Haven't listened to this in a long time. Abney Park are a steampunk band and I guess I just have to be in the right mood for this. 

7. Halestorm -Here's To Us. A fairly recent discovery, the lead singer is a lady who seriously rocks. This song has way too many swear words for child friendly listening, but it's a great power ballad nevertheless. 

8. Crusell Clarinet Concerto No.1, 2nd mv. I am so badly out of practice, but I can still knock out fairly decent renditions of Crusell's concertos as the notes fall so easily under the fingers. If I have ten minutes and fancy having a play, this is what I pick. 

9. White Stripes -Catch Hell Blues. I have a love/hate relationship with the White Stripes. Generally I pretty much hate them, but just occasionally they come up with a track that lodges itself inside my head. This is such a track. 

10. Katy B. -Why You Always Here. Rounding off what is a distinctly rock and classical list with a bit of pop! Well variety is the spice of life!

Few. That's wasn't too embarrassing, and given some of the tracks in my iPod, it could have been! 

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