Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pizza night take 2

Mr B has just informed me that he intends to go gluten free for a while. He suffers from IBS and sometimes cutting out gluten improves things. But I always shudder when he does this because it is so difficult to do, not to mention expensive. Gluten free food is easily double the price of its standard counterparts and although I've had relative success making cakes with gluten free flour, bread is nigh on impossible.
And of course its pizza night tonight. So we had a theme on variations. For Mr B, I made a base substituting spelt flour for strong white flour. I know spelt still contains gluten, but it is a lot more digestable than flour and he always tollerated it before. That worked fine.
For myself I tried making a base using cauliflower. I've seen these on the internet and been intregued, although in most instances they seemed to be pretty cheese heavy. Then I found a recipe which just binds the cauliflower using a beaten egg, so I tried that. Again, although not the same as a lovely crispy, bread base,  it actually tasted nice. And saved on the calories too. So more pudding then!

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