Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Home Sweet Home

I have been on a mission today. With Amber being off from school poorly, my day to myself was cancelled so I had to find a plan b. And that was cleaning. I think I've pretty much cleaned everything today. If its stood still for long enough, it got cleaned.
Im not usually like this. Its a once or twice a year occurance. The sun was shining and I got the spring clean bit between my teeth. But I let go worrying about the state of the house a while ago. Its not a tip. I do keep it relatively clean. I do keep it relatively tidy, well, as tidy as you can with two children, especially two girls with a passion for crafts. (Wonder where they got that from!) I let go stressing about playdough on the carpet. I dont worry about them painting or playing with pasty or fondant icing in the kitchen. Lifes too short and messes can be cleared up. I don't get anoyed by the fact that not one single room in our house is finished. From a lick of paint to a bit of coving, they all need something doing. But it'll get done at some point. Thats just our home.

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